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Is your home an easy target for burglars?

Limerick experienced a rise in burglaries last year. CSO figures for 2015 show the number of reported burglaries in Limerick rose to 1,106 from 1,092 in 2014. Statistics show too that the bulk of burglaries occur between 11am and 4pm when the house is unoccupied, so remember to make it as difficult as possible for burglars, especially while you are… read-more

What’s the best way of protecting my business or home from intruders?

CCTV is now regarded as the one of the best methods of protecting your business or home from trespassers or burglars. External PIR (passive infrared detector) beams or video analytics can be used to detect movement of human beings in a particular area. When movement is detected, a short video clip of the activity is sent to the monitoring station… read-more

tapa emea paris conference 2016 video screenshot

VIDEO: TAPA EMEA Paris Conference 2016

GGL Security was delighted to again attend the latest TAPA Conference and to feature in the event handbook. TAPA EMEA’s first conference of 2016 in Paris attracted nearly 300 delegates and an outstanding list of speakers. The speakers represented the following companies, LEAs and associations: French law enforcement agencies, European Commission, UK Border Force, Interpol, Amazon, Dell, Eurotunnel, Essers Security… read-more

How best can I protect my home while I’m on holidays?

Make your house look occupied – park a car in the drive, use timer switches on internal lights, and use external automatic lights. Check the strength of your door and window locks; can they easily be prized open? Remember the patio door or any ground floor window at the rear are favourite points of entry for a burglar. Check that… read-more

What simple tips will help protect my home/business from intruders?

Statistics will show that the majority of burglaries are carried out by opportunist criminals seeking an easy option. Would-be burglars will cruise the neighbourhood seeking out unattended or vacant properties. Garda Crime Prevention advice often refers to the “golden minute”. This refers to the first minute that the burglar spends “casing” your property. If you employ simple security measures that… read-more

How do I ensure my home is protected when I’m at work or in bed asleep?

Nowadays, we frequently hear of homes being broken into whilst the homeowner is at work, on holidays, or maybe even asleep. Technology has improved greatly in recent years, which ensures that your home, its contents, and most importantly its occupants, can all feel protected whilst the family home is either vacant or occupied. We would subscribe to the best Garda… read-more

Rural crime and protecting your property – John Delaney radio interview

GGL Security’s Director of Technology, John Delaney, speaks to Joe Nash on Live 95FM discussing rural crime and protecting your property. “There is a definite uptake on security products in the market since last Autumn, we in GGL Security have noticed since last August, there is an increased amount of people installing security systems, and in particular monitored systems.” Listen… read-more