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How does remote management of our security system work for my business premises?

Advances in technology means that today we can now automate many of the security and facility features of modern buildings.

Once you have connection to a good quality broadband circuit, services such as alarm arming/disarming, CCTV monitoring, door or gate/barrier opening, can all be performed by an approved Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) / Monitoring Centre. This reduces the reliance on staff having to know alarm codes or carry keys.

Approved persons can simply call the Monitoring Centre, quote their password, and the Monitoring Centre can then disarm the alarm and remotely open the gate or barrier.

The CCTV protecting the premises can also be remotely managed. Should there be a trespasser, the recorder will send the Monitoring Centre a short clip of the activity and they can decide what action to take e.g. advise over audio speakers to leave the area or, in more serious incidents, contact the emergency services.

This is also particularly useful should the alarm system activate as the activation can be verified by live view of the premises before dispatching a patrol vehicle or requesting the Gardaí (Irish Police Force).

When necessary, the remote monitoring can be supported by periodic visits by an approved Patrol Vehicle which will inspect the site at random intervals, rather than have a full time static guard on site.

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– John Delaney, Technology Director, GGL Security

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