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What should I do to be properly prepared for the holiday period in my home or business?

As we approach the Christmas Holiday period, we all need to be more security conscious than ever. Businesses and home owners alike need to ensure that their security systems are up to standard.

It’s no secret that practically every house will contain an array of gifts which will attract burglars as the contents will be very easy to dispose of. Businesses will be carrying extra stock so will equally be vulnerable to break ins.

1. Ensure your alarm system is serviced and connected to a licensed alarm monitoring centre.

2. Check that your CCTV cameras are all recording and that the lenses are clean.

3. Put a key holding arrangement in place, whether it’s a trustworthy neighbour or a licensed keyholding provider. Gardaí require that there is a keyholder available before attending to an alarm call out.

4. Don’t advertise the fact that your house is vacant, use automatic lighting, have your post collected and if possible park a car in your drive. Criminals are always looking for a soft target, i.e. a vacant house. Try and create the impression that your house is occupied.

5. Follow best Garda advice and have a monitored alarm installed. Monitoring typically costs 0.50c per day and ensures that your home or premises is properly protected.


– John Delaney, Technology Director, GGL Security

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