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GGL Security

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1. Logistics management programs

GGL Security specialises in developing and implementing logistic management programs for companies transporting and storing high value goods. We can recommend layered solutions best suited to any particular process or develop a bespoke program to meet unique requirements.

2. Route Profiling

Deciding which routes to select for the movement of high value cargo can be fraught with risk, particularly if shipping into new territories. GGL Security uses set criteria to assist in plotting the safest course for your movements. This layer of protection can be further enhanced when combined with our geo-fence option, raising an alert should freight deviate from its predetermined route or not maintain waypoint accuracy.

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3. Active Monitoring and Tracking

GGL can actively monitor your assets or personnel while stationary or on the move, from point of origin through to destination, against a predefined Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). Our technology driven solutions provide an integrated program supported through predefined security protocols to effectively manage your supply chain. All activity is managed from our International Monitoring Centre (IMC) ensuring 24 x 7 x 365 visibility.
Vehicle Monitoring and Tracking – GGL provides tracking and monitoring of fixed tracking units installed in vehicles and/or assets to actively track movements and progress against predefined criteria.

Truck Track – A unique system which enables GGL to actively monitor and track singular or multiple tracking systems on one platform. This is ideal for companies utilising multiple carriers to provide ‘One Vision’ of all vehicle activity.

Embedded Tracking Units – GGL utilises embedded tracking units to support covert monitoring of high value loads and also supports the recovery of items in the event of an incident.

Trailer Safe – With cargo thefts from trailers always a concern and more daring techniques being employed by criminals, GGL operates a secure backdoor alarm monitoring system to manage the opening and closing of trailer doors and alert of any unauthorised access.

4. Logistics Vehicle Escorts

GGL provides a choice of overt or covert escorts for high value cargo movements for short haul or long haul journeys. This layer of protection is also deployed to support new product launches ensuring shipment integrity to the point of sale.

5. Remote Vehicle Security

GGL operates a remote vehicle security program supported by a verification process to remotely lock and unlock the brakes on trailers. This valuable layer of security protects and ensures that a load cannot be moved without an authorised command from our International Monitoring Centre (IMC) based on defined security protocols. Incorporated into this solution is a complete active monitoring program to accurately provide location status of your load at all times.