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4. Services

  • – Alarm monitoring
  • – CCTV Monitoring
  • – Remote Site Management
  • – Man Guarding Service
  • – Open/Close Service
  • – Key holding service
  • – Alarm response
  • – Mobile Patrols
  • – Help Units

Services Ireland


Unlike other domestic and business security companies that provide security surveillance and security services in Ireland, GGL Security is an international security company with offices in countries throughout Europe. GGL security company provides a comprehensive suite of security services to support our clients’ security requirements wherever they operate.

Consulting Services

1. Consultancy

GGL provides an end-to-end security package and are uniquely positioned to provide advice on the level of security required to protect your premises or assets. In order to provide the best possible solution, GGL offers a free site survey to assess your security needs. Our security solutions team will help to identify and define areas of risk, along with correcting measures and, upon request, design and implement a tailored solution.

2. Auditing

GGL has vast experience in auditing and maintaining a wide range of industry standards. We have assisted numerous companies in the preparation of facilities and programs to achieve standards such as TAPA and C-TPAT. Once accreditation is achieved a rigorous maintenance program is established to ensure continuity.

3. Project Management

Introducing a new security system or trying to get the right equivalence between electronic security and man power can be a fine balance. GGL provides support to companies during the introduction of such systems, mapping cost effective and integrated solutions to support any new system or process introduction.


Alarm monitoring

Intruder Alarm Monitoring – 24 hour monitoring for both home and business alarms. Upon alarm activation, our monitoring centre will be automatically alerted and will notify the appointed key-holders and, if necessary, alert the emergency services

Fire Alarm Monitoring – Upon activation of a fire alarm, our monitoring centre will immediately alert the designated contacts and fire service to ensure rapid response and minimise fire damage to your property.

CCTV Monitoring

At GGL we can remotely monitor CCTV cameras at your home, business or any other location. With a range of service offerings from response on detection of unexpected motion, to regular checks of your property, GGL can provide a solution to meet your needs. On activation of set triggers, GGL can view your cameras, instruct any trespassers to leave the property and/or alert the police if necessary.

Remote Site Management

Do you rely on the last person finishing work to set the alarm? Have you ever forgotten to set the alarm at work? Why not take the uncertainty out of locking up and have the GGL Security Centre remotely set your business alarm or lock down barriers and gates ensuring your premises and employees are secure leaving at night. GGL can also provide a key holding service to further support this service.

Man Guarding Service

GGL provides a full suite of Security Guard Services delivering solutions to a range of cross sectors, from small business to large multinationals, with operations in Ireland, the UK, Poland, the Netherlands, South Africa, Russia and the USA. Our solutions and services are tailored to the needs of our individual customers and their specific requirements.

Open/Close Service

Do you need your building or property opened or closed each day? Or would you like a security presence while you or your employees open up or close up your business each day? GGL can provide your company with a mobile guard to provide support to you and your staff.

Key holding service

As a registered key holding provider, GGL will retain copies of the keys to your premises in a secure environment. In the event of an alarm activation, or a requirement to access your premises, our trained officers will attend, eliminating the risk of intruder confrontation for your employees and, if required, provide access for emergency services.

Alarm response

If you are concerned that investigating alarms at your business premises or home may jeopardise the safety of you or your staff, then let GGL Security take the risk out of the situation. Our fully trained Mobile Security Officers can attend the scene and take appropriate action to manage the event. Each response will be followed up with a full report outlining the events. This service can be combined with Alarm Monitoring and/or Key Holding for a comprehensive solution.

Mobile Patrols

GGL’s mobile patrols are a highly effective visual and physical deterrent providing scheduled or random patrols of your sites at specified intervals. Operating a fleet of liveried vehicles, our licenced officers will call to your premises night or day and provide a visible deterrent to any possible intruders. As well as deterring criminal activity, our mobile patrols can also alert and react to the threat of fire, flood or other damaging incidents that may affect your business.

Help Units

The size of a mobile phone, Home Emergency/Lone Worker units can be easily carried to provide support to those most vulnerable. The units are programmed with a panic button which, on activation, will transmit an alarm together with GPS co-ordinates of the unit’s location to GGL’s monitoring centre. GGL will in turn alert the designated contacts and/or the emergency services. These units are highly effective for those who may have personal security or safety needs, lone workers and to those living on their own who just need to know someone will react in case of an emergency.