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GGL Security

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We provide end-to-end layered multi-modal supply chain and logistics security

Business security services and Intruder Alarms and Systems Monitoring
  1. Active Monitoring and Tracking
  2. Logistics Vechicle Escorts

Supply Chain Security


GGL Security is a global leader in providing end-to-end layered multi-modal supply chain and logistics security. Through our combined logistics management and customer orientated solutions, we protect high value and time-sensitive goods mitigating against loss and maintaining the integrity of the supply chain. Learn more about our logistics tracking platform at

1. Active Monitoring and Tracking

GGL can actively monitor assets or personnel while stationary or on the move, from point of origin through to destination, against a predefined Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). Our technology driven solutions provide an integrated program supported through predefined security protocols to effectively manage the supply chain. All activity is managed from our International Monitoring Centre (IMC) ensuring 24 x 7 x 365 visibility.

2. Logistics Vechicle Escorts

GGL provides a choice of overt or covert escorts for high value cargo movements for short haul or long haul journeys. This layer of protection is also deployed to support new product launches ensuring shipment integrity to the point of sale.