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As Covid-19 continues, what steps can I take to continue to protect my property?

Current Garda press releases indicate that criminals have switched their focus from domestic property to businesses. This is evident as during the restrictions, almost all private houses are occupied whilst many commercial properties are now locked up.

Here are a few simple steps you can take to help prevent intrusions on business properties:

1. Ensure your alarm is turned on throughout the lockdown.

2. Have your alarm serviced now, note all alarm companies are available for maintenance work, as it is an allowed essential service.

3. Connect your alarm to a licensed Alarm Monitoring Centre. Commercial alarm monitoring costs less than €1 per day. A monitored alarm guarantees a response following an activation.

4. Check your keyholders, are they available currently or maybe they have relocated during the restriction period? Consider using a licensed keyholding company, who will respond to any alarm activations during this time.

5. Further secure any items of exceptional value e.g. precision tools or any items that could be stolen for their scrap value, rather than their operational value.

6. Maintain your CCTV system, clean the camera lenses. Consider having your CCTV system monitored remotely, as this is a really effective method of securing open spaces such as building sites or commercial yards, against theft or vandalism.

7. Consider using a monitored portable panic alarm especially where employees are attending business premises alone, to carry out essential functions e.g. payroll.

8. Stay safe; in the words of Seamus Heaney, “if we can winter this one out – we can summer anywhere.”


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– John Delaney, Technology Director, GGL Security

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