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What security technology updates apply to my alarm monitoring service?

Best Garda advice suggests that every alarm, whether domestic or commercial, should be monitored by a PSA approved licensed alarm monitoring centre.

We have heard of late how criminals can, in some cases, overcome the signal transmission from the property to the alarm monitoring centre by cutting the telephone land lines. To alleviate this risk, the alarm industry has developed systems where the alarm system installed on the property communicates regularly and automatically with the alarm monitoring centre to ensure that your alarm system is healthy.

Heretofore, this was normally carried out once per day and in some cases not at all. The risk here is that the property owner may believe that their property is connected to the monitoring centre, but because it is not set up to test regularly, this may not be the case.

Migration by landlines to new digital technologies is also causing technical anomalies which are affecting the daily testing signals.

Recent developments in the industry ensure that your alarm system is connected to the monitoring centre using IP (Internet Protocol) transmission over GSM SIM cards.

This means that your alarm can now communicate, or poll, with the monitoring centre far more frequently, typically once an hour instead of the older once a day frequency.

Best practice would be to discuss  this feature with your installer next time you are getting your alarm system serviced.


– John Delaney, Technology Director, GGL Security

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