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What can I do to best secure my empty business property during the Covid-19 pandemic?

As so many businesses are closed in light of the unprecedented times we find ourselves in, it is important to ensure business premises are secure. While, in some cases, staff may be carrying on work remotely, the vacant building may be a potential opportunity to burglars.

Reduce the opportunity for burglary by ensuring premises are well protected and present a high risk to a prospective offender. Well-protected premises with good security procedures will deter the criminal from attempting to enter or damage the premises.

1) Ensure high visibility of the property with sufficient lighting which may be a deterrent.

2) Grilles or shutters provide a solid barrier around the shell of the building to help prevent intruders gaining entry.

3) Anti-climb brackets may be installed on conduits, drainpipes etc. to prevent intruders gaining access to the roof.

4) Unnecessary boxes, skips or other obstructions should be removed from the vicinity of the premises – these are potential aids to the burglar and attract the vandal.

5) Doors and locks should be fitted and maintained to recognised security specifications.

6) An intruder alarm system to standard should be installed and connected to an approved monitoring station.

7) CCTV cameras should be strategically positioned, in line with operational requirements, both inside and outside the premises. The positioning of cameras at all public entrance(s), with captured images of persons to recognition standard, should be paramount.

Keyholding and alarm response, combined with alarm or CCTV monitoring, will go a long way to ensure that your property is safe and secure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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– John Delaney, Technology Director, GGL Security

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