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Colm McMahon and John Delaney GGL Security

What is ‘keyholding’ and how will it benefit my home or business security?

Key-holding is a regulated service, supplied by a licensed security company whereby the company securely holds the keys to your business or residential property. Your keys are securely stored in a safe environment and any use of your keys is accounted for in a key register. The security company can then respond to any alarm or CCTV activation at the… read-more

What do I need to consider before going on holidays to protect my home?

With the holiday season just around the corner, now is a good time to make sure your home or business is secure whilst you are away. Jewellery, cash, mobile phones and portable computers remain the most popular items with thieves. The average loss following a theft is estimated at €700. Are all your doors and windows lockable and secure? Never… read-more

How secure is your home?

With the first real holiday break of the year upon us, we all need to ask the question, how secure is your home? As many homes will be vacant for a period of the Easter break we need to asses our level of domestic security. Here are a few tips: 1) Gardaí often refer to the ‘golden minute’, this minute… read-more

Colm McMahon and John Delaney GGL Security

GGL Security operating from international monitoring centre

From its state of the art International Monitoring Centre at Lock Quay, GGL Security has been providing a wide range of security services for over 20 years. The GGL vans are a familiar sight around Limerick – responding to intruder alarm activations and doing routine patrols and checks, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. “Our alarm response and… read-more

GGL the best Irish Security Company

Let GGL Security respond to your Business Alarm

Ever had to respond to an alarm at your business in the middle of a rainy night? If the answer is YES, let GGL Security be your trusted local security provider that will provide the response service required 24/7 365 days a year. As a PSA registered key holding service provider, GGL Security securely retain the keys to your premises…. read-more

What can I do to help avoid a Christmas burglary?

With Christmas time fast approaching, we all need to double check our level of security, particularly in view of the additional value of property in the home with Christmas presents. According to industry sources, the average loss last year was €3,000 from house break-ins. Cash, jewellery and electronic items remain the most popular with thieves. Try to record all serial… read-more

How can I better secure my home for Winter?

As the long, dark evenings arrive, prevent your property being burgled with these tips: Lighting: As Garda statistics confirm the peak period for house burglaries is between 5pm and 11pm, you should consider lighting up your property. Automatic dusk to dawn lights, as well as movement sensor activated lights are a great deterrent. Modern LED lighting is very cheap to… read-more