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How can I help prevent my property being broken into while vacant?

As we enter the peak holiday period, now is the time when most properties, either commercial or residential, will be vacant for some period of time. This could be the annual family two week holiday or the industrial shutdown period. Vacant properties present an ideal opportunity for criminals to exploit your absence. 1) Ensure your burglar alarm is maintained, switched… read-more

Colm McMahon and John Delaney GGL Security

What is ‘keyholding’ and how will it benefit my home or business security?

Key-holding is a regulated service, supplied by a licensed security company whereby the company securely holds the keys to your business or residential property. Your keys are securely stored in a safe environment and any use of your keys is accounted for in a key register. The security company can then respond to any alarm or CCTV activation at the… read-more

What do I need to consider before going on holidays to best protect my home?

With the holiday season just around the corner, now is a good time to make sure your home or business is secure whilst you are away. Jewellery, cash, mobile phones and portable computers remain the most popular items with thieves. The average loss following a theft is estimated at €700. Carry out a simple survey of your property yourself, especially… read-more

What security technology updates apply to my alarm monitoring service?

Best Garda advice suggests that every alarm, whether domestic or commercial, should be monitored by a PSA approved licensed alarm monitoring centre. We have heard of late how criminals can, in some cases, overcome the signal transmission from the property to the alarm monitoring centre by cutting the telephone land lines. To alleviate this risk, the alarm industry has developed… read-more

I’ve bought a house with alarm installed – what should I do next?

Firstly, ascertain who originally installed the system and check that they are PSA approved and registered. Once you know who installed it, ask them to reset the user codes immediately to a code of your choice. Very often codes can be “guessable” e.g. 2468 – change it to something unique that you will remember. It’s a good idea to have… read-more

What security resolutions can we make for our home or business in 2018?

Now that we are into a new year, we should all consider checking our home and business security measures as part of our New Year’s Resolutions. Ideally you should take time out to audit your own building. Remember, if you can gain access easily, a burglar will also have no difficulty. Here are a few simple preventative measures : 1)… read-more